Creating new categories of industries of quartz tiles brand

    March 2015, the strong launch of Xiamen stone fair 1cm quartz tile appearance, quartz tile indoor&outdoor "indoor/outdoor" apply new concepts at the show have been further dissemination and recognition.

          Company CEO Yao Wenjiang quartz tile advantage

    &Nbsp;  on March 4, the Hall held a press conference at its new headquarters, will for many years to go through the history and achievements were to comb the media. Ceramic tiles limited liability company CEO Yao Wenjiang introduced from 2010 's first 2CM quartz tile, has been fully working Europe, won recognition and respect, stick to quartz tiles on top of the category. In 2015, Xiamen stone fair before the opening, ceremoniously presented to the media the 1CM quartz tile, and expressed deep quartz tiles this category in the future, and quartz tiles are of a brand to the world.

Creating new categories of industries of quartz tiles brand(图1)

    Unveiled at the Xiamen stone fair 2015

    In fact, quartz tile is Italy one of the top tile brand product category, product selection is an internationally renowned space designers favor, and launched a new 1cm quartz tiles with a water absorption rate of 0.1% the following, quartz tiles and high density as well as the international PEI4-5 high wear-resistant qualities, quartz tiles by industry as the pinnacle. Yao Wenjiang believes that domestic consumers of natural decoration indoor and outdoor pursuits, quartz tiles with its consistent, gentle nature, show natural features will continue to make more and more market share. "Willing to assume the burden of promotion and dissemination of quartz tile category so that more consumer understanding and acceptance of quartz tile as a category.

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